Tips for giving plastic surgery as a holiday gift

The holiday season is an ideal time for giving the gift of plastic surgery. For some, plastic surgery is the perfect gift. It might be something they might appreciate, but never give for themselves. Or, it could be something that someone has wanted for a long time but have never committed to for various reasons. A surgical procedure isn’t your typical stocking stuffer. If you are considering gifting plastic surgery to someone special keep these tips in mind:
1. Don’t suggest a procedure your special someone has never mentioned.
2. Research plastic surgeons in your area and choose a surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
3. Give a consultation with a promise to pay for the surgery. It is important that both the patient and surgeon feel the procedure is appropriate.
4. Gift certificates for a treatment your special someone regularly gets such as Botox or fillers are a great choice.
Like all gifts, the gift of plastic surgery should be from the heart. When properly considered giving someone the gift of plastic surgery can make them feel a new self confidence that will continue on into the New Year.

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