IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

Many plastic surgeons and dermatologists believe IPL treatments are the true future of successful long-term skin rejuvenation. IPL is extremely versatile allowing the technician to customize the settings to meet the patients’ specific needs. The advantage over traditional cosmetic procedures is its ability to deliver smoother, younger-looking skin immediately and much more comfortably, with little down time.

IPL’s benefits include: reversal of sun damage and rough skin, disappearance of red lines, fading of freckles and brown spots, decrease of acne scars and accompanying discoloration and redness from rosacea.

Before the 30 to 60-minute treatment begins, a topical anesthetic cream is applied, minimizing the feel of a “warm snap” caused by the pulsed light. The light stimulation improves the skin while avoiding trauma to the surface and underlying layers. For optimal results, a series of 5-7 full face pulsed light treatments are given in three week intervals. More info.