Community Outreach

“I want my community involvement to be a corollary with my plastic surgery practice and enhance the lives of breast cancer survivors with a broad network of supportive resources.”

Marc Bisseck, MD

With a keen and sensitive awareness as to the many challenges his patients face after surgical reconstruction as a result of breast cancer, Dr. Bisseck in July 2011, established the Statesboro-Bulloch County Breast Cancer Foundation.

This outreach program’s primary purpose is threefold: to serve as a regional resource for patients and families impacted by breast cancer; to provide financial assistance for patients without insurance or limited insurance, and through the foundation’s Breast Cancer Support Group which meets regularly, to share personal experiences and achievements in their dealing with the invasion of cancer.

Dr. Bisseck’s decision to form the Foundation and its special offering of a support group was based on “many of my patients sharing with me their need to talk to other survivors about this devastating disease They had questions i.e. are they doing the right thing? What is chemo going to be like?” As Bisseck listened he knew these needs were truly justified.

Since taking action and creating the Foundation, Dr. Bisseck has experienced an overwhelming outpouring of support. The current 14-member Board is an effective blend of cancer survivors as well as medical staff and personnel. “I am indeed proud of how far we have come with the impact of the Foundation,” Bisseck commented. “All three components are vital, but key to the influence we had hoped for is the Support Group. Therein lies a common bond of those still battling cancer and those celebrating remission.”

Please visit our Breast Cancer Foundation web site.
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